Many individuals are bothered by excess fatty tissue in areas such as the stomach, hips, thighs, back, or arms. Fat transfer, or fat grafting, can remove fat from these regions of the body for a slimmer figure. The strategically removed fat is then purified and redistributed to restore volume to the breasts, butt, or face. Dr. Tuan Tran uses 4D VASER® liposculpting, which utilizes an ultrasonic-assisted liposuction method to provide fat removal and skin tightening to sculpt the specific areas and achieve more definition. The benefits of fat transfer can include:

  • The elimination of undesirable fat deposits
  • Tightening of skin at treatment sites
  • Natural enhancement of the bust, buttocks, or face
  • Subtle and natural results

Am I a Good Candidate?

Ideal candidates for fat transfer include anyone with excess fat deposits on their body and regions of their face with hollows or a desire to moderately boost their cleavage or backside. The breasts are usually increased by one half to one full cup size. Patients without adequate fat deposits may not benefit from this procedure, as fat must be harvested in a larger quantity than required for transfer because the body will absorb some of it. Additional fat is transferred with this in mind, to ensure that a desirable amount attaches to the blood supply and remains intact.

How Safe Is Fat Transfer?

This procedure is safe because fat is removed from the body and relocated, eliminating the chance of rejection or allergic reaction to foreign components (implants, chemicals, etc.) Local anesthesia is typically used, avoiding general anesthetic for many patients. In some cases, patients with more significant concerns may require general anesthesia, which is discussed during your consultation prior to the procedure. Most of the transferred fat gets absorbed by the body naturally, leaving a gentle enhancement in the injection sites. As an efficient, long-lasting technique, fat transfer can produce subtle, natural changes for an improved appearance.

happy young lady standing-img-blogWhy Choose Fat Transfer?

Patients who are seeking a minimally invasive approach to adding fullness to their face, buttocks, or breasts can restore lost volume through this procedure without extensive scarring. The suctioning device, or cannula, is a very thin tube that gets inserted to remove fat, while ultrasound technology helps gently loosen the fat for a less invasive procedure. Your body’s fat is put through a purification process to provide a high-quality formulation of healthy cells to be transferred. With fat transfer, you can achieve a fuller, more youthful appearance that can improve your self-confidence.

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