Forehead Contouring

Forehead Contouring

& Hairline Lowering

Medically reviewed by Tuan A. Tran, M.D. | Written by Nhuhao Do on April 28, 2021 


Forehead contouring is a type of craniofacial surgery that involves reconstructing the protruding brow bone and reshaping the orbital bones to achieve a softer, more feminine appearance. It can often be performed in conjunction with brow lift and hairline lowering/scalp advancement procedure for an overall aesthetically pleasing result.   

Who is a good candidate? 

A good candidate should a healthy adult with realistic expectations. You may be a good candidate for forehead contouring if you feel that your forehead is disproportionately large for your face, or you are a transwoman seeking gender-affirming surgery with facial feminization procedure. One may benefit from forehead contouring if her forehead exhibits masculine features, where the forehead is flatter, and the frontal brow bone is more protruding. This procedure can help candidate achieve the desired feminine features of a more concave forehead with smoother and higher brow bone.  

Procedure in Detail  

As with most craniofacial procedures, forehead contouring is performed under general anesthesia. In general, forehead contouring involves repositioning the hairline and reshaping forehead bones, brow ridge, and the bones around the eye sockets to promote a more feminine appearance. 

  • Frontal (brow) bossing reduction: Shaving the brow bone can smooth out the forehead and slightly reduce the bulkiness of the frontal bossing. Fillers can also be used in conjunction to add volume to the area above the burred brow bone to produce a smoother, more concave forehead. For those with more prominent bossing, further shaving cannot be done at the frontal bossing due its thin nature of the anterior on the frontal sinus. Instead, greater reduction can be accomplished with frontal sinus setback, where the anterior wall is removed, remodeled and secured back in place for significant contour.   
  • Hairline lowering/ scalp advancement: At the start of the forehead contouring procedure, Dr. Tran will make a long incision across or in the hairline. After addressing the tissue beneath and performing bossing reduction, he then positions the hairline lower, advancing the scalp to create a smaller and well contoured forehead.  
  • Brow lift: With hairline advancement incision similar to the incision in open brow lift technique, Dr. Tran will lift the forehead skin and soft tissue above the orbital rim to enhance the brow and suture it into its new position.  


During the recovery period, patient will often experience a temporary loss of sensation in the forehead area, this is normal and resolves on its own within 2-4 months. In some patients, it may take up to 10 months for their feelings to return to normal. Although this may feel uncomfortable, it is not long-term and is part of the natural healing process.  

Scaring is generally minimal because the primary incision is made at or inside the hairline. Many patients are able to hide the healing scar with makeup and hair as it grows out.  


The final results patients can expect to notice is a more contoured forehead that is harmonious and aesthetically pleasing for a feminine appearance.  

Cost and Consultation 

Many major medical insurances, including CalOptima, cover for this procedure and other facial feminization procedures as part of gender affirming surgery. If you have more questions or would like to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Tran, contact us via our websiteTran Plastic mobile app or call us today at 714-839-8000 to speak with one of our friendly staff.  


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