Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

If you would like to correct a receding (‘weak’) chin, you may want to consider the benefits of mentoplasty (chin augmentation) procedure with Dr. Tran in Westminster.

Before & After Photos Available Upon Consultation

Chin augmentation is a way to bring balance to the facial structure by correcting a weak chin, which may give a normal nose a larger appearance.


Small incisions are made either in the natural crease lines of the face or under the chin. A pocket is made in the facial tissue, biologically safe implants are placed inside the pocket, and incisions are closed with fine sutures to most effectively prevent scar visibility. This surgical procedure can be performed alone or in conjunction with rhinoplasty or a facelift to provide a more symmetrical and balanced appearance.


The recovery approximates four to seven days dependent upon the specifics of the surgery. Swelling is not significant but would usually resolve within the week, in any event. The procedure is described as “heavy fullness with some achiness, but not painful at all”. The results are immediate, and the improvement in the facial balance is impressive.

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