Facial Feminization

Do you feel that the masculine contours of your face prevent you from having the fine, delicate features you desire? Hormone levels and medical conditions can leave you with more squared or prominent features. Facial feminization surgery (FFS) performed by Dr. Tran in Westminster can recontour your features, creating a more harmonious and naturally beautiful appearance.


FFS is typically used by transgender women to help them achieve a softer, more feminine look to their appearance. As a transgender woman, you may feel that these changes help you identify more as female. While it may be performed in conjunction with sexual reassignment surgery, facial feminization can help patients achieve their ideal physical appearance as a standalone procedure. Candidate should be in good health, both physically and mentally. A psychological recommendation may be needed before undergoing treatment.

Transgender women aren’t the only people who benefit from facial feminization. Cisgendered women who feel that their features are too masculine can achieve the facial profile they’ve always wanted.

Facial Feminization Procedures

All procedures are performed using a general anesthetic. Facial feminization refers to a set of procedures designed to contour the face. Your treatment plan is developed during your consultation, and one or more techniques may be utilized.

Jawline Reduction

Jawline reduction addresses a wide-angled jawline that creates a boxier facial appearance. With a jawline reduction, we shave down the bone, crafting a more triangular shaped look.

Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin surgery, or mentoplasty, can be used to reshape the chin. Masculine jawlines tend to extend out at the chin, creating a wider and more square facial shape. During a chin reduction, we can shave the bone or remove a section of bone.

Adam’s Apple Reduction

We can shave down the Adam’s apple, which is a feature along the neck that tends to be more prominent in men or people with higher levels of testosterone.


Rhinoplasty is nose reshaping for people who have a large nasal appearance. We can create a smaller, better proportioned nasal structure. This can create a look that is more balanced with delicate features.

Forehead Recontouring

Forehead recontouring addresses the horizontal bridge that males tend to have just over the eyebrows. We shave down this bone to create a flatter and smoother forehead.

Cheek Augmentation

We can add implants to the cheeks, which is designed to elevate the cheekbones. This can create a more angular face with better definition. Crafting this definition contributes to a more triangular facial shape.

Lip Augmentation

Lip injections can be used to construct larger, more supple lips. Thin lips can look too small in comparison to your other facial features. Injections produce a poutier and more luscious smile.


The length of your recovery will vary depending on the extent of your enhancement. Most people will require up to three weeks off from work. You will need to limit your physical activity for several weeks. Your surgeon will provide you with detailed postoperative care instructions during your consultation.

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