How Thread Lift Is Helpful Over Surgical Facelift?

Are thread-lifts the modern face-lifts? Absolutely not. But they are better alternatives for offering attractive benefits. Thread-lifts were recently cleared as safe procedures for people looking to enhance their appearances to more youthful tones. Many experts have referred thread lifts as the non-surgical substitutes to traditional face lift treatments. Let’s dig into detail why a thread-lift treatment outweighs a face-lift.

It fixes facial sagging in two ways

Unlike a face-lift that reduces sagging skin by trimming down the excess skin, a thread lift reduces the sagging skin and increases the volume of tissue in the cheek area. How so? During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon stitches up sagging portions of the skin using a large needle. The skin will be pulled back, resulting in a tightened look. Also, the threads combat the aging effect by provoking the body’s natural healing response. The body will react back by producing large surges of collagen to the target areas.

Minimally invasive

Thread-lifts utilize resorbable suspension sutures. It is the perfect option for individuals who don’t want to go under the knife. The procedure can be procured under local anesthesia to make it more comfortable. It doesn’t require hospitalization or any downtime. Most patients resume normal duties almost immediately. However, you might need pain medication after the treatment.

It’s relatively more affordable

Due to its uncomplicated nature, the thread lift procedure is less expensive compared to face-lifts. There’s also no age limit to the procedure as its minimally invasive process allows endurance.