You will need to do thorough research

Take the time to conduct comprehensive research on the surgical process and the various methods available. This knowledge will empower you to select the most appropriate approach that aligns with your desired outcome.

Choose a reputable doctor and plastic surgery clinic

Choose a reputable doctor and plastic surgery clinic - note before cosmetic surgery

Choosing a reputable and experienced doctor and plastic surgery clinic is of utmost importance. Prioritize quality and credibility by seeking recommendations, reading reviews, and verifying credentials to ensure you are in capable hands.

Remember to prioritize your health

Remember to prioritize your health - note before cosmetic surgery

Two or three weeks before your surgery, you will come to my plastic surgery facility for a pre-surgery meeting. It’s essential to undergo necessary medical tests. These tests will help evaluate your overall health and identify any potential risks or concerns. It is equally important to continue prioritizing your health and well-being throughout the entire surgical process.

Follow postoperative care instructions

Follow postoperative care instructions - note before cosmetic surgery

After the surgery, your doctor will provide specific instructions regarding postoperative care. It is crucial to follow these instructions diligently, as they are designed to optimize your recovery and help you achieve the best possible results.

Stop smoking, or cut down as much as you can. The longer something takes to heal, the more noticeable the scar will be. Because nicotine slows healing, it results in increased scar formation.

Eat a healthy diet to get your body in optimum shape for surgery.

By following my pre-surgery guidelines, you can greatly reduce the risk of complications and promote better surgical results.

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