10301 Bolsa Avenue, Suite 101, Westminster, CA 92683

Nhi Mai

Front Desk - Medical Assistant
Brief info

Nhi takes care of patients in the back office on the days that she is in the office. She assists Dr. Tran in writing up notes and scheduling patients for their next visit.

Get to know Nhi!

At which store would you like to max-out your credit card? Uniqlo
What was your favorite TV show when growing up? Glee
What's the strangest talent you have? I can bend all of my fingers at the first joint independently
What is your favorite hobby? As a music lover, whenever I have some leisure time, I always take advantage of it to get my earphones on and enjoy some of my favorite songs. This has helped me relax and somehow provide me with an escape from my hectic schedule.
Who or what is your biggest inspiration? I have to say that my professor Hoa Ngo who helped me complete my thesis project. Not only was she a brilliant scientist but more importantly, she used her dedication to develop a product(in the form of a life saving vaccine) that saved many lives instead of seeking personal profits. She always supports me and give me guidelines to gain a deep insight into science. Even though, I graduated 3 years ago, I always keep in touch and grab coffee with her.